Stage 2 Turbo Project - Moonface Racing Roll Center Adjuster

The roll center adjuster from Moonface Racing arrived finally, adding on to the list of mods that will be going in to the car as part of the stage 2 turbo project.

Contrary to popular belief, by lowering the car we should be able to increase the stability of the car during cornering due to the lower of center of gravity.

The actual fact is when we lower the car we're also changing the geometry of the steering control arms and instead of reducing body roll, we're actually introducing more of it.

And at the same time, introducing bump steer.

Bump steer is caused by bumps in the road or track interacting with improper length or angle of your suspension and steering linkages. You can often feel the bump steer as a jerk in the steering wheel to the side when you go over a bump or uneven pavement.

The main goal of this kit is to bring the suspension geometry back into factory spec after lowering the car, reducing body roll, increased turn in speeds and eliminating bump steer.

Packaging Box

Part number for you guys to refer in the future

Package Contents

The roll center adjuster itself


Mugil said...

great stuff!!

car started redy or not?

Chew Soon said...

not yet bro, it seems forever for them to get get all the stuff into the car man.....

last week toby was busy installing his new clutch system, and now he installing a set of ohlins to his evo hehe :P

smokey said...

i should buy one of this!

Anonymous said...

wah, i think i cant match ur cornering speed with this new parts u have


Chew Soon said...

yeah smokey, you need to get one for yourself hehe!

bro xbalance, i don't have big balls like you on the corners leh :D

Eu Jin said...

Chew Soon, great stuffs. Saw the price tag and I went yikes!

Chew Soon said...

yah bro, convert back to RM it's about 1.2k like that.

sigh, sad right our currency so weak :(

Anonymous said...

now cant whack corner now ... or else my gf whack my balls


Anonymous said...

izit necessary to change the whole moonface adjuster lower arm?

thanks for answering.

Chew Soon said...

you don't need to change the whole lower arm, just the ball joints itself will be enough.

people who buys the entire lower arm which comes preinstalled with the ball joints are for ease of installation.

it's entirely up to you actually.