Stage 2 Turbo Project - GT Auto Fuel Rail

With the FIC fuel injectors in place, the stock fuel rail will no longer be sufficient to hold enough fuel supply to the new injectors.

GT Auto made this fuel rail for me and it is a direct plug and play to the cylinder head without any modifications required.

And best of all, it can be easily configured to fit both return or returnless fuel setup.

Just a note, besides my car they could also custom make the fuel for any car models.

Close up shot of the fuel rail

Frontal shot of the fuel rail

Rear shot of the fuel fail

Injector seats

Fuel supply inlet/outlet


llsaw said...

Very nice Bro! The anodizing is avail in other colours?

Chew Soon said...

thats right, any colors you want man.

Patrick said...

whats the cost?

Chew Soon said...

good question bro, but i don't know haha.....ok will ask for you...shoot me a private email can? :D