Stage 2 Turbo Project - JUN Auto Camshafts

Ever since JUN Auto's visit to GT Auto back in March 2009, JUN President Junichi Tanaka promised that they will immediately start researching parts for the 1NZ-FE engine when they return to Japan.

Well they made good their promise and released connecting rods for the 1NZ-FE engine back in April 2010. The news to the article can be found on their website here.

Now, as a result of partnership with GT Auto for the past few months they have now again developed parts for the 1NZ-FE engine.

This time its performance camshafts, and they come in 3 variations:

- 256 duration, 9.0mm lift (street spec)
- 272 duration, 9.5mm lift (NA spec)
- 272 duration, 10.5mm lift (turbo spec)

And best of all, VVT-i feature of the engine is retained even with the camshafts fitted.

Toyota Vios Turbo will be fitting in the 272 turbo spec camshafts as part of the stage 2 turbo project.


GiUpO said...

This is fantastic!!! How much cost a pair of Jun camshaft (turbo spec) ?

smokey said...

Excellllllllllllent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I m Loving it!

Chew Soon said...

hi guys, according to GT Auto the cams retail for about USD 1,650.

GiUpO said...

$1650!!! Are you sure? This is too expensive for only camshafts, for this price Gude give a complete performance head pack .

Chew Soon said...

unfortunately, thats true. at least, thats the price my friend from singapore paid.

i recently help my tuner to ship a pair over to him around 2 weeks ago.

Patrick said...

its cheap man!!!!!

Chew Soon said...

guys, JUN will not be releasing these cams officially in the market so soon yet.

they will have to work out the marketings and distribution with GT Auto since this is a joint development effort.

hence, GT Auto is the only place you could get your cams as of this moment.

the list price that JUN is positioning is 135,000 yen so thats the price.

Kwok Sann said...

Hi bro, has been checking out on your site for quite sometime. Glad to see that Jun has come out with cam for 1nz-fe. Hope to see more from your site. At least can see it can come on par with Suzuki Swift Sport and Colt Turbo.

Btw, just wanna check from you how much lag will it be between top mount and front mount intercooler?

Chew Soon said...

thanks for the support man, appreciate it.

yeah, apparently when GT Auto was doing my car JUN paid a visit to them.

after that, they collaborated with GT Auto to produce after market parts for the engine. lucky me =)

contrary to popular beliefs, if you match your turbo size accordingly to your engine and with the appropriate intercooler size you shouldn't notice much of a difference.

when i was running my old stage 1 turbo, i was already building boost at 2,000 rpm and reached full boost at 3,000 rpm, yet im still running a front mount setup.

+ akatsuki + said...

hi bro. so, u r gonna use this JUN camshaft on your vios turbo right? meaning that you wont be using your reground camshaft that u custom in oversea? i think this JUN camshaft will be better since the lift is higher.

Chew Soon said...

yo bro, i will be using both the JUN camshafts and my regrinded cams as well as i have 2 cylinder heads.

the regrinded cams have a totally different profile compared to JUN.

and i am doing this for the benefit of everyone, as we will be able to compare and have more options.

Anonymous said...

do update on the power rating difference with the new camshaft from JUN. very curious...

Anonymous said...

Do you ship in the Philippines?

Anonymous said...

update on spec sheet