Stage 2 Turbo Project - ACT Clutch Kit

With the amount of horsepower projected by the stage 2 turbo kit, the stock clutch from the TRD Vitz RS Turbo transmission would not be sufficient to take on the new found torque ratings.

So we placed an order with ACT for a set of their 6 pad clutch kit and it took them more than 4 months to deliver it as they are currently on a long back order.

Featuring a 40% increase in clamp load, the kit is rated to have a torque capacity of around 300 Ft/Lbs or 40 kg-m at the crank.

ACT claims that the kit will still give the driver a stock to moderate pedal feel thanks to the spring centered disc design.

We hope it'll be able to cope with the new turbo kit or else we'll just have to stock a couple of the clutch kit on standby until we find a better one.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

GT Auto's guest data entry clerk updating the clutch kit in the stock system

Close up shot of the box

Part number for you guys to refer in the future

Contents of the packaging

The pressure plate

The 6-pad spring centered disc

The release bearing


Vince said...

Ha ha ha .... It is too obvious isn't it? :)

You should brought a better camera :).

Cheers for your build.... it is going to be a monster...
Light weight + Hi power turbo = MONSTER!

+ akatsuki + said...

nice stuffs bro. btw the clerk very leng lui :P

Chew Soon said...

haha, i knew u pervies are gonna comment about that chick! LOL~~~

llsaw said...

Nice! I meant the clutch :)

camo_fly said...

Impressive blog! Can't stop reading in my office lol..

Nice setup you have bro, Darkside is so much fun! hahaha..

Unknown said...

hello bro, im rarely read your blog but follow it since you started Stage 2...

so, BILA NAK SIAP? its NOV already bro

Chew Soon said...

lihat tu upcoming mod lah bro, tengah tunggu block pulang dari golden eagle....block sleeving tuh kena makan masa ok....

engine 1 sudah ok tapi i tak nak pakai tu....

Dave said...

update manifold status?

Chew Soon said...

patience bro, power will come to those who wait :D

Unknown said...

engine 1 sudah ok tapi i tak nak pakai tu....

then which engine u want to pakai? got reveal before on your blog post?

Chew Soon said...

yah man thinking whether i should sell engine 1 or not....

engine 2 is on its way back from US....will post up pictures once i receive it...

Unknown said...

I like the last picture :D

Unknown said...

what happen to 1st engine? not power ? not as you wanted?

Chew Soon said...

aril we changed the specs last minute and decided to up the power to something higher.

so we decided to build another extra engine on the side for that.

Anonymous said...

Looking good bro. I been watching you and XBGOD in the U.S build your stuff. Your about neck and neck with somethings but you may want to look at some of the new stuff his company is doing.

His drivetrain is unmatched.

OS Giken twin clutch

OS Giken Aluminum Fly-wheel


DSS 26 spline axels with billet hubs.

some gear set from europe that he won't comment on

This guy is saying 500hp to the wheels.

Using a Garrett / Tial turbo GTX3071R

You should see his head too! 5,200 USD

Done by Port Flow Engineering
Sponsored by Junichi Tanaka himself from JUN Performance

Uses Ferrea Titanium gas filled Valves with Beehive springs

This guys head looks like glass.

So between you and him you got the XB and the Yaris covered!

Chew Soon said...

hey thanks for the comment!

yeah it's really great to know that on the far side of the other world, we have people pushing out the limits of this little 1nz-fe engine :)

i didn't really have a chance to go through his entire specs, but i am sure it should be quite comprehensive.

we're in the middle of getting a JUN flywheel now, it should arrive in a couple more days.

LSD we're still sticking with Quaife helical.

And for the axels, we might consider changing it if we're launching the car. But this vehicle will mostly be used during highway cruising and rolling starts. This is also a good chance for us to find out how strong the stock axels are.

one thing i do notice though, some of the pictures that appeared on his sites appeared to be taken from mine. do you notice any?

Anonymous said...

Yes he has refrenced some of your pictures. I think he is in tight with Golden Eagle. And I belive they are going into full production of the intake manifold.

I know he is sponsored by JUN and gets all his stuff for free from Junichi Tanaka. Anything Jun makes he gets for free to put to the test.

I know being in the states he has a great advantage for getting parts made. I know he has pionered the way for a lot of parts. From what I can tell he's been doing this for 6 years.

Anyways, I know his car is more drag race and it looks like he is building it for a world record.

I think he may get it just cause he is also sponsored by Tial / Garrett turbo.

But both of your rides are nice.

The one thing he has that is off the chain is his head. I think that is the key to alot of what is going to be his success.

Tom Fujita from Port Flow is just the man when it comes to head flow. No one even comes close to this guy in the import world. you should see the list of import super stars that he does head work for.

I think he is also the first one to do a 70mm T/B and be successful with it.

The guy seems like a book of knowledge when it comes to this motor.

Anyways one day i'll be building something like your guys stuff. Can't wait to see some numbers on both.

Chew Soon said...

thanks for the info!

wow i can't possibly imagine getting sponsored for most of the parts, since mine are all on my own expenses.

to me, doing up the car is more like a personal hobby of mine since im not taking it down a drag strip or racing it.

if he's really aiming for a world record, i hope he gets it.

then the world will know that the little 1nz-fe engine can be a formidable engine with the right mod approach!