Stage 2 Turbo - SARD Denso Fuel Injectors

These are 800cc, top feed, low resistance fuel injectors from SARD and they will be replacing the FIC injectors.

With the new horsepower we're aiming for, the previous 445cc FIC injectors will not be sufficient.

Pictures are pretty self explanatory, and they seem to go very well with the GT Auto fuel rail too.

800cc on a 1.5 daily drive you ask? Well, now you know why we went with the Autronic SM4 instead.


Hadi said...

Bro got extra stock? ;)

llsaw said...

Wow.. and I thought my 600cc was big :P

Anonymous said...

Bro, sorry for Off Topic.

Juz want to enquire on JUN CAMS.

Last time you discussed that there were three types :

- 256 duration, 9.0mm lift (street spec)
- 272 duration, 9.5mm lift (NA spec)
- 272 duration, 10.5mm lift (turbo spec)

Which one are bolt-on series? 256 only? how bout the 264?


Chew Soon said...

not a problem man, the 272 cams are no longer listed in JUN's website already.

the 272 are now custom items and exclusive with GT Auto.

you only have the option of 256 (9.0 lift) and 264 (9.5 lift), both are plug and play items.

the 272 will require you to upgrade your valve springs and retainers, which JUN hasn't finished developing yet.

but GT Auto has aftermarket valve springs and titanium retainers to go with the 272 if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying bro!

Was hoping for a minimal change(stock valve springs, etc) though.

Interested in going for NA first instead of turbo, coz I might change car in 1 or 2 years later(probably).

What's the best setup you've done on Auto for NA?

Let say I have already bought a JUN Cams and have extra RM3K to spent on others, what is the most recommended items to be bought by using the RM3K? (Everything is stock (exhaust, etc))?

my email is


Anonymous said...

Hey bro, it's Aras. Looking good bro.

I'm running 1000cc injectors from Detschwerks and using Weldons new FI pump. Straight race set up.

I still prefer my p1000 from Haltech, does the job flawlessly. And I'm partially bias too, since they sponsor me. But their interphase is awesome. I also run their CDI ignition and race coil packs with a 4bar map sensor.

As far as the 272 cams go. I make the valve train for JUN for those cams using Ferrea racing valves. GT Auto is not exclusive to them. I'm using them in my head and you know my stuff is second to nobody.

Tom Fujita sets up the 272 cams in my heads with the Ferrea valve train, so you know it's bad ass.

And besides, you know no one makes better valve train than Ferrea.

Looking good bro keep it up.

By the way I went to 10mm head studs instead of stock 9.5mm and had Golden Eagle machine the block and Tom machine the head to do this. Also I used time serts in the block to make the thread stronger to hold 40 PSI.

Chew Soon said...

hey aras! hows your build coming along?

1000cc injectors? man that's nasty...bad ass to the max....

hey no sweat, i think the haltech 1000 is a fucking solid choice as well....

hey want to check with you, what are you planning to do with your cooling system? are you going with the stock radiator or some aftermarket bad ass stuff?

im cracking my head here thinking what should we do with the stock radiator....

Anonymous said...


It's Aras, I'm running a Koyo radiator and a Mishimoto large fan with aluminum shroud. I also run a NST light pulley on the water pump so it spins easier. I also took a Apexi GT tank and turned into a large capacity tank for running more water. And lastly I took the timing cover and opened up the water passage where the pump goes to alllow for easier passage.

Anonymous said...

Well Chang, it's Aras hope things are moving along. I kow Tom s working on your head, it should be nic whn he is done.

I changed turbo's once again since I have a fully built 1nz-fe. Also we just finshed machining the block for the 10mm ARP head studs as well as the head. Also had a multilayer steel head gasket made for the 78mm piston size. The motor is bullet proof now! All my bolts are ARP even the main caps and exhaust anifold bolts are ARP.

And for the new turbo:

Precision PT5557CEA with E-cover, stainless V-band housing and billet turbine. New horse power for this turbo 570hp. I'm going for world domination. Worlds fastest 1nz-fe. Also will use my direct port nitrous system from NX to add a 100 shot to bring the hp up to 670hp to the wheels.

I've got 26 spline DSS axels, JIC coil-overs and 13" big brakes all the way around. My tranny we just finished with the KAAZ LSD, Clutch master 4.5 clutch 190% increase and since JUN sent a fly-heel to me I'll try it. New hardened gear set too.

Dude, I'm gonna rock this!

Chew Soon said...

hi aras, the head tom is working on doesn't belong to me. it belongs to a friend of mine, he's also currently doing his build with my tuner.

tom did my head way back in april 2010.