Toyota Vios Turbo

(Update 26/06): The car made 153.01 PS & 19.45 kg-m, click here for more information.

After months of agony and pain of fine tuning with the tuner, the Toyota Vios turbo project is now finally complete. The previous work in progress pictures can be found here.

While the car was on the dyno machine awaiting tuning, coincidentally JUN Auto's President Junichi Tanaka and Chief Engineer Keiichi Hatanaka popped in as they were in town, and they started snapping pictures of the car.

According to JUN, they are currently embarking on a R&D effort to produce aftermarket parts for the 1NZ-FE engine such as camshafts, forged rods and pistons. If this is really true, then this is really good news for all 1NZ-FE owners out there. With proper researched and developed aftermarket parts, we will have a lot more things to play with.

Taking in to consideration the reliability for everyday driving, the engine compression has been lowered to a 9.5:1 ratio and I only went as far as 0.6 bar of boost. The stock injectors were already maxed out at 0.4 bar anyway so additional injectors were fitted to cope with the extra boost.

While a MAP sensor was added for a more accurate tune, the MAF sensor was retained and the voltage is clamped so the stock ECU would not throw a check engine code.

GT Auto tuned the car very conservatively considering the internals are stock standard and this small little 1NZ-FE now produces a usable 143 PS together with 180 N-m of torque at the wheels. Dyno chart indicates the turbo starts building boost around 2,300 rpm and full boost is achieved around 2,850 rpm.

If we do a backward calculation of 20% power loss at the transmission, the engine should be producing around 180 PS and 225 N-m of torque on the crank.

This setup should be just nice for city driving and some occasional sprinting with the car's weight kept at around 980kg.

My only concern now is the auto transmission gearbox, I am not sure how long can the gearbox cope with the additional horsepower before it starts to slip and give way. Oh well, when it does I guess it is probably time to swap it with a manual transmission then.

Modification Details

Stage 1 Turbo Kit

Lowered compression to 9.5:1 ratio
Garrett GT20 turbo with water cooled housing
Evo III intercooler
Turbosmart Ultra-Gate38 external wastegate
GT Auto Boost Controller
Greddy 3 bar MAP sensor
K&N air filter
Toyota metal head gasket
Addtional fuel injectors
Customized turbo manifold
Customized aluminium CAI piping
Customized aluminium intercooler pipings
Ceramic coating on manifold, turbo housing and down pipe
HKS Super SQV blow off valve
NGK Iridium IX spark plugs
ASR oil cooler adaptor with thermostat
ASR engine oil cooler
ASR ATF cooler
SARD MAG+ magnetic oil drain nut
TRD sport thermostat
DEI Radiator Relief
Thermotec thermal mat
All round Samco hoses
All round steel braided hoses
Customized oil catch tank
Customized 2.25' exhaust pipings
Customized dual exhaust mufflers with quad titanium tail pipes
Motul 300V Power 5W40 engine oil

4-Speed Automatic with Super ECT
Motul ATF 1A

VTTR Racing 6 pot aluminium brake calipers
VTTR Racing 330mm 2-piece slotted disc rotors
ProRS steel braided brake hose
Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

Hot Bits DT1 adjustable coilovers with canisters
17' Rays Engineering Gram Lights T57-RC wheels
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 205/45/17 tires
Ultra Racing front strut bar
Ultra Racing front lower bar
Ultra Racing middle lower bar
Ultra Racing rear strut bar
Ultra Racing rear lower bar
Ultra Racing rear anti-roll bar
Ultra Racing rear torsion bar

Greddy E-Manage Blue (Mutiara Motor Edition)
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband controller
Innovate Motorsports XD-16 air/fuel ratio gauge
Blitz Dual Turbo Timer DCIV
Greddy Informeter Touch
Pivot Super Temperature Controller
Sun Auto Inazma Hyper VS
Sun Auto system up grounding kit

Performance (Wheel)
143.23 PS @ 6,000 rpm
181.55 N-m @ 4,200 rpm
Boost 0.6 bar

Fully tuned by GT Auto, tuner of Malaysia's fastest drag car.
Also mentioned on Turbosmart's website here.


Rudy? said...

vios turbo?damn it...great bro... total cost?

Chew Soon said...

erm bro rudy, maybe its better i tell you offline? :D

Rudy? said...

ok i add ur facebook (fb.

Anonymous said...

Bro i need to ask something about your O2 sensors.

Do you modify for your O2 sensors so it will detect A/F same as NA? I'm pretty sure that your tuner will set new A/F ratio for turbocharged car and this will cause more fuel in the ratio right?

Or is there any device to alter the signal from O2 sensors and telling ECU that the mixture is perfect (as N/A)

Chew Soon said...

Hi bro,

My stock O2 sensor was retained, however I do have a wideband O2 installed.

Yes, during WOT my tuner dialed in the AF ratio to stay at 12 flat. It does consume more fuel during WOT, but if you drive the car off boost normally the fuel consumption is almost the same as stock, in my case its actually more fuel saving because the car moves just with very light throttle.

I'm not sure why would you want to alter the signal from the O2 sensors. Are you trying to force the ECU to go open loop? I assume you're on a piggyback with your turbo kit?

Nevertheless if you would still like to modify the O2 readings the ECU is getting, you could consider getting a wideband controller which allows narrowband voltage output, which you could wire it in to the ECU to emulate narrowband readings.

Products from Innovate Motorsports is good, like the LC-1 or even the higher range LM-1. Do check them out.

Anonymous said...

How about your setup for ECU? Can explain to me?

TurboCar said...

Oh forgot.. why you use LC-1 instead on F-Manage? It's do the same job..

E-Manage Ultimate+V-Manage+F-Manage

Chew Soon said...

Bro Anonymous, you are the same person with the nick TurboCar right?? LOL sorry I'm a bit confused here :)

Anyways you're right, E-Manage Ultimate combined with V-Manage and F-Manage will probably give you functionalities close to a standalone.

Thing is, when the stock ECU goes in to close loop we won't have full control over it. I actually kind of regret getting the E-Manage Blue, not to say that its not good enough but because it can't perform close loop tuning which is something what I want.

As you know my engine compression was lowered, initially the drivability of the car was very shitty. The idling was terrible, the car trembles and shakes during low RPM. Of course, right now the problem is all gone.

Then, we've got to keep an eye on the long term fuel trim and short term fuel trim of the stock ECU. If the numbers vary drastically, it also affects the power delivery of the engine.

End of the day, I concluded that standalone is the way to go because it gives us complete control over the engine. However, it is the pricing that is the main concern.

Anonymous said...

Hurm, maybe I will go to standalone. The problem is, hard to find one that able to control my engine.

My engine is 2.0L 1AZ-FE. Can you help me ask the shop? Which standalone is the best for my engine

Chew Soon said...

I got my car tuned in GT Auto, their shop is located in Sunway. They are definitely professionals.

If you're looking for a standalone, perhaps you might want to go pop by their shop and consult them?

They are pro at standalone EMS such as Motec, Haltech, Autronic etc. I'm sure they will have something suitable for your 1AZ-FE.

Anonymous said...

I already email Haltech and they suggested me to use Platinum Sport 1000. It's capable to run modern engine. So, you help me the price inclusive installing and tuning

Chew Soon said...

Haltech Platinum 1000? That's a good choice! I was thinking to get the same as well.

Bro, where are u staying currently at the moment? You free to pop by GT Auto for a chat?

It'll be good if you can drive straight over so that you can talk personally to them and find out more details about the Platinum Sport.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Johor Bahru. Today I go KL for hypertune photo shoot. Maybe we can meet each other to chat a while. Actually it's hard to find people do BOT to modern engine in Malaysia

Chew Soon said...

Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were from out of KL.

If you're interested to meet up, please do. I'm currently in GT Auto now in Sunway, do you have their address?

Please feel free to pop by if you wanna chat, will be glad to know more friends :)

Anonymous said...

Hurm... cannot la bro.. my rival ride is there, the wish supercharger want to change to BOT

Chew Soon said...

Ah finally I know you're driving a Wish turbo! Why so secretively ah bro? :D

Anyways, its nice to know so many Toyota car owners with turbos out there!

If you see my car please don't bully me ok, I only 1.5 litre engine hehe!

Anonymous said...

hehehe no lah

Chew Soon said...

bro didn't get to see you yesterday, how was the photo shoot going on?

so i can look forward to the next issue of hypertune and look out for your car yah! :)

Anonymous said...

photoshoot tomorrow la bro

Chew Soon said...

oh i thought it was today, your car must be really nice for Hypertune wanting to feature it.

izzani said...

"MAF sensor was retained and the voltage is clamped so the stock ECU would not throw a check engine code"

You said this on your post. Actually how they clamped O2 sensors (MAF) voltage?

izzani said...

Bro can you ask your tuner if they can clamp voltage for O2 sensors as well? So the CE light will gone~

Chew Soon said...

bro izzani,

bro, the O2 sensor and MAF are to different things.

your MAF is located near to your air filter while your O2 sensor is located at your exhaust after the catalytic converter.

my MAF voltage was clamped using the e-manage piggyback. voltage clamped at 4.85v if not mistaken.

i can try asking how can we clamp an O2 sensor, but why would you want to do that? is your CEL on because of that?

Anonymous said...

Ops, sorry. I am pointing the sensors at the air filter. (Haiz, my mind keep thinking o2 sensor only, that's why I wrote o2 sensor. haha)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the only reason CEL on is the O2 sensors only. If the ECU can get normal reading and the CEL will not be trigger. Problem solve lol

Chew Soon said...

haha, ok what seems to be the problem now bro?

is the O2 readings from your stock sensor to your ECU out of whack?

Anonymous said...

yah, seem like that.. so the CEL on.. need to tweak the signal send to ECU.

Chew Soon said...

oh im sorry to hear that, is it a Vios as well? wow, another turbo in progress!

just want to share that im currently using the innovate LM-1, which can simulate narrowband O2 readings back to ECU.

hope it helps :)

izzani said...

I think that things help you to maintain A/F.. but.. omg the price haha..

my blog

Chew Soon said...

bro, linked to your blog already. nice!

Anonymous said...

bro,that sumthing i wanna ask,how to modify vios exhaust system for auto car....i mean N/A not TURBo bro........and,about BOT,it require wan condition to BOT? minimum 17"inch rims ,etc etc?

Anonymous said...! u have a nice vios..
i also wan upgrade my vios power.. anh suggestion?where u come from?

Chew Soon said...

im from malaysia bro :)

Anonymous said...

i from malaysia too....
which state???i from ipoh.....

Anonymous said...

hi using vios turbo too...but have little bit problem..

Anonymous said...

im vios turbo from p.dickson...i had problem wth extra injector...cannot find the injector seat(connector from pipe to injector)...plz help me

Chew Soon said...

oh its nice to meet another vios turbo.

shoot me an email at i'll help you.

Anonymous said...

tq bro..

tyre equipment said...

Great job guys!I also have vios turbo.Have you found where the injector seat is?

Chew Soon said...

its great to be able to know more vios turbo owners out there.

do you have pictures or a blog where we could check it out? would love to link to you.

as for the injector seats, yeah i do why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

bro, nice job on the car! do you still remember the routing for the atf cooler? is it running on its own from the autobox or tapped from the radiator to the atf cooler?

Chew Soon said...

thanks man! if i am not mistaken we've bypassed the radiator when we installed the atf cooler.

i'm currently in the process of converting to manual now, so i'll have to check back what was the exact setup i was running back then.

Anonymous said...

bro, if you do find out the exact atf cooler setup, do reply here yea, thanks

Tyre Repair Materials said...

Thanks for sharing your modifications.My first car is a Vios and i have it three years now.It's very economical and reliable for everyday drive.

Anonymous said...

hey there. i would like to ask some advice on modifying my vios. my vios is a stock car with a 17' rims and its totally underpowered. what would you recommend me to mod to improve the performance ( i cant afford the turbo. im still a student. =p) thanks bro.

Chew Soon said...

i guess the 17' wheels on the vios is really taxing on the vehicle especially if your car is in stock form.

just a piece of advise, don't go waste your time and money installing those voltage stabilizers products.

drop me an email at if you would like to talk more.

Anonymous said...

what would you recommend to mods then? to improve torque.

Anonymous said...

You are a legend.

Chew Soon said...

thank you all for the kind comments guys, i haven't had time to update the blog lately.

we're currently still halfway in the engine building, partially because my tuner has been busy and also we've been changing the engine specs as we go along.

Unknown said...

hello , mr chang , i'm chan from malacca , i'm looking turbo kit to my vios 04 . can u recomment some great workshop for me , because at malacca i didn't find it. thx alot for ur helping . send me e-mail

Chew Soon said...

ok bro, dropped you an email already...

party bags said...

This is a very impressive post. I can appreciate the amount of effort that went into it. You have a very good feel for getting the right information out to the people.

double glazing said...

This is totally cool. But it looks quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

Your motor is quite alot like XBGOD in the U.S. but I think he's one step ahead of you.

I belive he is one of the owners at Toy Box Racing.

He has a knifed-edged super crank for the 1nz-fe that is 3 pounds lighter than stcok and is bad ass.

They are also using Titanium rods from Crower

Looks as well they have a relationship with Junichi Tanaka from JUN performance as well. Their head is outragous!

5,200.00 dollars

Tom Fujita at Port Flow Designes does their head work. You should check them out.

Their head has JUN turbo gound cams Ferrera + 1mm oversized titanium valves and high compression springs. Their stuff is crazy.

They are claiming to be the first ones to make 500hp.

they are also using a Tial / Garrett GTX3071R turbo.

Check it out over at Scion Life forum.

These guys got all kinds of parts being made.

Chew Soon said...

hey thanks for the info, it's indeed great to know that on the other part of the world we have people putting in effort to make the 1nz-fe engine a great engine.

now, im not sure whose one step ahead of who but when i logged in to Scion Life forum, i saw some of the photos that was posted there were grabbed from my blog.

wall art said...

My dad prepare to work on Toyota Vios because it is more productive than any other brand. Good machine and more comfortable to use.

eddylau said...

nice much of stage 1 turbo cost?

Anonymous said...

nice...i was wondering, what type of piston are you using by the way?

bryan said...

how much for this?

Edmund said...

I have seen a full set of turbo kit offered by speedworks which cost RM9000 to install..I am just wondering is the kit they are offering reliable ?? Can be seen from the link below

silent killer said...

where can i find the turbo manifold for vios 2003 and what is the price range....btw...nice car u got there...

Akbar said...

Nice project Mr. Chang, i too use that year vios and slowly rebuilding it although not as extreme as yours, mine is still NA though. I definitely will use your experience as suggestion for choosing parts, thanks man.

Akbar said...

also chang-senpai, do you know a reputable garage that can install turbocharger or supercharger properly in Indonesia?,my target is only at least 200 and at max 300 hp, and nothing more.... or at least the brand of the turbocharger/supercharger. thanks for the info btw

Anonymous said...

Bro! Spotted your car at pyramid yesterday! The moment I saw this 'stock' looking black vios, I knew it looked very very familiar haha.

Unknown said...

how much you don that

ksyyy said...

wow nice post! check this out also: mini turbo malaysia

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


BP1 said...

Amigo en cuanto te salio el total de todo esto??

Lucky said...

Hai bro...Would you mind to let me know total amount charging the intercooler turbo for vios? I interested to know also oh.
You can reply on my e-mail :

Anonymous said...

Total cost?

Unknown said...

Total cost please

Unknown said...

how much?

JohnRMay said...

Toyota Vios hoping this car have a better performance.

Scion said...

What rods do you use?
Brand, type (H beam, I beam, etc) , max rpm, etc?