Stage 2 Turbo Project - FIC Fuel Injectors

Or better known as Fuel Injector Clinic, this company from US produces one of the best aftermarket injectors available.

The injectors cleared customs yesterday morning and arrived at my doorstep this afternoon while I was away in the office.

These are ball & seat type saturated high impedance injectors and they are rated to flow 445cc/min. They require no modifications and are a direct fit to our 1NZ-FE engines, and FIC was kind enough to throw in a set of plug & play adapters free of charge as they were late in shipping the injectors.

Together with the forged internals when they arrive, we should able to make some serious power when we crank up the boost.

Packaging box


Close up shot of the injector

A more refined atomized spraying pattern allows a cleaner burn resulting in a crisper throttle response and increased fuel efficiency while still being able to produce serious horsepower.

The main reason why I went with FIC is due to they have one of the finest spraying pattern compared to other aftermarket injectors.

The pictures below were taken from FIC's website, whereby it shows to same high flowing injectors with the second one customized to have a much finer spraying pattern.

Small cone angle & dense fuel stream

Wider cone angle & atomized fuel stream


Anonymous said...

ur goin to have a very sick ride.... RESPECT Bro....

How much??

Chew Soon said...

haha thanks bro.....

the injectors costs USD 371 including shipping to Malaysia reaching your door step.

you interested in getting one too?

Unknown said...

Nice bro!!cant wait for your car to be ready again..gonna have some serious power about the gearbox?

Chew Soon said...

haha thanks bro, today just got back from tuner the car almost ready.

but the injectors not in yet, only the okada coils and the water injection kit.

gearbox wise, still undecided. to be really honest with you, if i can keep the auto i really will.

damn susah lah drive around in city without auto, especially now so used to it.

Unknown said...

yala bro...KL somemore teruk....keep me updated on the torque converter :)

Anonymous said...

Nice setup.. FIC, i can get it cheaper man..

If u ever wana go BIGGER.. with Fcon Vpro and Larger injectors.. I might have an option for you..

Search up Injector Dynamics. They have the same shape. I think might fit. Maybe with a washer if too short. :)

Chew Soon said...

Aw, if only I were to know you earlier I could have asked for your help.

I did thought about the FCon V-Pro but decided to go with Haltech Platinum as it could control VVTi.

I've searched up Injector Dynamics, they look promising!

By the way, I'm having some problems communicating with a supplier over the US side.

Are you able to help me acquire a set of low compression pistons and conrods for my 1NZ-FE? If yes, I don't mind buying through you.

Anonymous said...

So have you install the FIC injector to your 1nzfe? Is it really plug and play?

Would the stock ECU able to identify the injector?

Chew Soon said...

yes the injectors are a direct plug and play, but you definitely would not want to use them with your stock ecu or you will run pig rich.

you definitely will need an engine management to scale the injectors accordingly.

Owais Khan said...

The purpose of the Fuel Injection System is to calibrate and optimize the fuel/air ratio that enters your vehicle's engine. hop over to these guys

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