Okada Projects Plasma Direct

(Update 26/06): The dyno chart can be found here.

Dropped by GT Auto this morning to collect the Okada Projects Plasma Direct coils that I ordered 2 weeks ago from Okada Projects.

Was planning to have them installed together with the forged internals when they arrive but since tuner said its alright as they are direct plug and play so we went ahead with it.

Packaging box

Instructions manual & serial number plate

Close up shot

After the installation, all that was left is just this nice looking sticker and a serial number plate


K.M. Snapshots said...

HOW MUCH?!!?!?!?!?


Chew Soon said...

then faster go buy one hehe!

jmunchar said...

How is the performance after installing this?

Chew Soon said...

I left my car with tuner because its due for service and inspection. The shockers also need servicing.

They did a round of dyno before they jacked the car up, was informed an average of 2 kg-m torque gained across entire RPM.

Will post up dyno chart once I get my hand on the data.

angeline said...

ya.....i wonder how much too

Anonymous said...

this is super expensive stuff