GT Auto Stage 1 Special Turbo Kit

Back in December 2009, GT Auto installed their Stage 1 Turbo Kit into this NCP42 Toyota Vios where I posted up the teaser pictures here.

The car produced an impressive 145 PS and 18.26 kg-m of torque to the wheels. But the story doesn't end here.

Fast forward 6 months, this car is now fitted with GT Auto's Stage 1 Special Turbo kit which produces 201.79 PS and 23.91 kg-m of torque on the wheels!

And this is achieved while both the engine and automatic transmission is still in stock form.

This turbo kit is certainly the strongest kit currently available in the market today for Toyota Vios.

If you would like to know more about the car, you may contact the owner directly at or just drop me an email.

Alternatively, you could inquire GT Auto directly by sending them an email at if you prefer.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

If you ever wondered why is there a gap in the dyno chart, that is because the Okada Project Plasma Direct ignition coils were interfering with the RPM signal of the Dynojet.


dave said...

wow. amazing! still not enuff to pull me into the dark side.

king said...

hey bro, how much does it cost to do the whole set up ?

Chew Soon said...

im not too sure man, why not you try communicating with gt auto directly?

king said...

i'm from singapore, and would like to know roughly how much and how long it take. =)
quite interested =)

Chew Soon said...

hi king, can you can shoot me an email at then i'll help you forward to them?

or you could get in touch with them by directly sending to :)

king said...

okay thanks bro ..

Adam said...

I know this was posted years ago, but how long did the u340e trans hold out?