Quality vs Quantity

A friend asked me today whether do I read the locally produced Hypertune magazine as he is a big fan of it.

My answer to him was a simple NO.

"But why?", he asked.

I had lots of thoughts going through my mind at that time but at the end I decided to be nice so I just shrugged my shoulders and said:

"I just prefer something that has a lot less pages but with a lot more substance, that's all."

"So what car magazines do you read then?", he asked.

And I told him if he really wanted to know he could read up my blog when he gets home tonight.

Just some of the car magazines that I read

So my dear friends and readers, if you ever have time to pick up one of those magazines that is shown here, I guarantee it will open up your eyes and horizon and you'll never want to pick up one of those local copies again.

A little pricey maybe? Yes, but you get what you paid for.

Its all about the quality, not quantity.


llsaw said...


Read Racecar Engineering

Chew Soon said...

thanks for the tip bro, will check it out when i got time :)

Nawooz said...

Not so much into hard copies. Digital media is the way to go :D The internet is full of forums etc and I take my own sweet time browsing.

Chew Soon said...

agree, though you can't believe everything you read or you see on the internet.

besides, i rather bring a magazine to the toilet when i need let go a big one compared to my laptop :P

Mugil said...


"besides, i rather bring a magazine to the toilet when i need let go a big one compared to my laptop :P"

cant agree with you more man!!

i do buy a lot of car magazine esp when i am travelling. One thing I notice is that most of them have more and more adverts then actual editiorial or article! It wasnt that bad if you check maybe 7-8 years ago.

I do however pick up a copy of Hypertune every now and then. They can do with less advertising and better writers la. Also I dont like their concept of "modified cars". Even cars with engine swap is good enough redy for them. This has no engineering value or substance to me, unlike what you are doing to your VIOS!!!

Get it started soon man, I want to blag a ride...should be awesome!

Chew Soon said...

well said bro, well thats the fact of life. sometimes and we all gotta give in in order to survive.

u tell it to toby lah, i've been waiting for the car for more than 8 months already....but i know its worth the wait man....

Mugil said...

ermmmm...u tell him yourself.. :)cant help u there!!!

llsaw said...

8 months!!! :O Ouch!

Nawooz said...

Well worth the wait if it all comes together nicely in the end bro.

Can't wait to feel the TRD SSK man. The suspense is killing me.

adrian.romen said...

I usually get back copies of these magazines too :D

The Bookshop near the stairs at Level2 Sg Wang has em for approximately RM11 each :)

For online mags I love windingroad.com.. and motoiq.com :D

Chew Soon said...

well, we made some last minute add on changes and the car is going to drag a bit more longer again....

shit man, can't believe im actually going to leave my car in gt auto for a longer time.....

hint: sleeves, block girdle, revised pistons and rods etc. rev cut > 9,000 rpm :P

llsaw said...

Are you still on hydraulic lifters? You might want to check out if any solid lifter option if you're planning to rev that high