Chassis Foaming

One of the long due modifications that I've been wanting to do was chassis strengthening, and with the upcoming long holidays the timing was perfect for me to send in the car.

I left the car at the shop around 10.30 AM and collected it around 6 PM, this time I wasn't able to snap any pictures during the foaming process because I was away attending other matters. All that I was told is the A, B, C pillars and the entire undercarriage had work done to it and I was asked to give it a test run before settling my bill.

The car already had Dynamat insulation done to it previously, so I wasn't expecting any changes to the sound proofing but boy was I in for a surprise when I took the car out for a spin.

The cabin is a lot more quieter than before, and I was greeted with a soft "thud" instead of the usual loud "bang" when I went over road bumps. Somehow, the car actually felt softer. Also, body roll was reduced significantly.

Rather than writing a long grandmother story style review here this time, the advice I would give instead is to choose the shop that does the work for you carefully. Make sure you find someone who really knows the ins and outs of the whole thing including your car before committing.

Just trust me, it works.

I was told the foam will take a couple of days to fully harden and by that time I will be able to experience a lot more then what I'm going through now.

The foaming material that was used are imported directly from Germany, but unfortunately all that I could snap with my camera was this piece of foam that they kept on behalf of my request as I was curious to find out how it feels like and how it looks like.

Tough but yet light

With the chassis foaming now in place, what is left to be done will be the underbody spray on the fenders and some rubber strips to reduce the level of noise wind on the rear passenger doors and then we can pretty much be done with the sound proofing works.

At the same time if you're wondering whether I had my work done in a shop in KL with the word "Auto" and "Foam" associated with it, the answer is NO. Nothing personal against that shop, but I reserve my comments on the pricing and the material used.


Unknown said...

hey bro, I had mine done at the shop you mentioned located in KL. I didn't take the full package due to the price factor but the after-effect of the foam lures me to get all other pillars foamed. Am interested to know where you did yours, if it is somehow cheaper, would definately opt for it. And if you dont mind, can you please provide me the price you did as well?

Thank you very much in advance.

Chew Soon said...

hi man, lets take it offline shall we? :)

shoot me an email at, i'll provide you with some details. i had mine done less than 1K, what do you think? *grin*