Proton Exora Turbo - The Real Making

Universiti Putra Malaysia and Proton Holdings Berhad might have made some headlines by revealing the Proton Exora Turbo prototype couples months back earlier, well someone has just beaten them in producing an actual daily driven street car.

Here is a real making of a Proton Exora turbo inside the garage of GT Auto. The reason why this post is here is because this car will be running on the AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller (F/IC).

This unit is a very good alternative to the HKS F-Con iS, and if you are driving an OBD2 vehicle you will want to take a closer look at it as the unit is also capable of O2 remapping as well.

Besides the AEM F/IC and the HKS F-Con iS, another alternative way to tune OBD2 vehicles would be this or you can just go with a standalone engine management and lose your OBD2 compliance altogether.

That is all I can reveal here about this car and if you're curious to find out more about this Exora Turbo, talk to my friend Xenon or just point your browser to his site at for more information.

Some of you might already know him as he drives a Proton Gen2 turbo himself. You have more reasons to talk to him especially if your car has a Campro engine and you have the intentions to fit in a turbo kit.

Stealth hidden intercooler

Close up shot of the intercooler

Engine bay

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