Stage 2 Turbo Project - Nitrous Oxide

I was at GT Auto last Saturday and had a brief discussion with Toby, he thinks he could put down around 250 PS to the wheels with the Garrett GT2554R turbo.

Personally I'm quite skeptical as the compressor map from Garrett's website indicates that the turbo is rated for a maximum output of 270 PS on the crank, but since Toby said so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed.

A 250 PS daily driven car should be a lot of fun to drive, but knowing that we're planning to swap in a manual transmission (if we're able to locate one) we're thinking of pushing the envelope a bit further by going 300 PS on the wheels.

Even with the oversized pistons fitted in, the engine will probably only have a maximum of 1600cc displacement and going with a larger turbo will definitely introduce some lag which I'm not really a big fan of.

If you ever know Toby personally, you'll probably heard one of his famous tagline which goes like this, "No lag, no power."

Well, if I still want the power without any lag I guess the only option left would be good old nitrous oxide.

So, here I am with 2 bottles of laughing gas.

I think I've gone mad.


achong said... :)

Sam said...

insane vios!

kev said...

pure gas of evil dontcha think, hahaha. it will give u that grin u always wanted

Ju-Lian said...

darn.....too much laughing gas.....u need 18" sooner than later =D

smokey said...

i am speechless ....giggles

Eu Jin said...

Bro, you have indeed gone mad. I'll make sure to steer clear from you if I saw you on the street. :O

Mugil said...

bro, all i can say is that it will be insane!!!

anyway you are in good hands, just make sure the wallet is thick enough :)

Anonymous said...

bro just wanna ask those N.O.S bottle's you bought how many liters??? how Long can use??? and how much to refill???


Chew Soon said...

azman, a brand new complete nos kit will cost you around rm 3k~3.5k with installation and tuning.

the bottle alone will cost rm 1.2k-1.5k, im actually not very sure of the price because i got these 2 bottles from my friend and i havent paid him yet.

how long will the bottle last depends on how much power u are spraying. a typical refill will cost around rm 180-rm200 :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your info