200 WHP Toyota Vios

Ladies and gentleman, I present you a 200 wheel horsepower Toyota Vios. This is one hell of a Vios as the engine internals are upgraded and it runs a GT25 ball bearing turbo boosting 1.1 bar.

The fuel system has been converted to a return setup, and the stock injectors has been upgraded to use a set of Bosch 440cc saturated fuel injectors.

The pistons has been changed to a set of forged CP pistons running 9.5:1 compression and the connecting rods are upgraded to a set of Crower forged billet rods. Reinforced AJUSA head bolts and head gasket are used and both the rod bearings and engine bearings are from Toga.

Best of all this car runs a standalone engine management system named Vipec. For those who are familiar with the Autronic will probably have an idea how Vipec works.

This Vipec has a lot of features such as built-in MAP sensor, traction control, VVT-i control, boost control, antilag, progressive nitrous injection, wide on throttle shift and the list goes on. The highest end model even supports drive by wire.

This car puts down a staggering 193 PS and 275 N-m of torque to the wheels, and since this is a manual transmission if we do a backward calculation of 15% power loss the engine is churning out 230 PS and 325 N-m of torque at the crank.

So if you're driving on the highway one day and you hear a hissing black Vios behind you, my advice to you is best that you give way.

This is one nasty Vios you don't want to mess with.

Engine & Drivetrain
CP Custom Forged Low Compression Pistons (9.5:1 CR)
Crower Billet Forged Connecting Rods
AJUSA Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) Head Gasket
AJUSA Head Bolts
Toga Engine Bearings
Toga Rod Bearings
Custom Semi-Closed Deck Engine Block Guard
TRD Engine Oil Cap
TWM Short Shifter
TWM Desert Eagle Shift Knob
Custom Stage 2 Racing Clutch

Induction & Exhaust System
Garrett GT2554R Ball Bearing Turbocharger
OEM Cast Iron T25 Turbo Manifold
Custom Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold Shield
Custom T25 Downpipe
Custom 2" Straight-thru Midpipe
OEM 2" Operated Exhaust Muffler
HKS Reloaded Pod Filter
HKS SSQV Blow-off Valve
Volker 7ZX-8 Iridium Spark Plugs
OEM Delta Fin Front Mount Intercooler
Custom Stainless Steel Intercooler Pipings
Custom Oil Catch Tank

Fueling & Cooling System
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
Bosch 440cc Saturated Fuel Injectors
Custom Fuel Return Line System
Custom Fuel Rail
OEM Steel Braided Fuel Hoses
TRD 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap
NTCL Low Temp Thermostat
Custom Extra Radiator Fan
GDL Oil Cooler

Suspension, Brakes & Handling
BC Coilovers w/ Camber Kit
Drift Racing 6 Pot Brake Kit
ProRS Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses
Ultra Racing 4 Point Front Strut Bar
Ultra Racing 4 Point Front Lower Arm Bar
Ultra Racing 3 Point Front Fender Bars
Ultra Racing 2 Point Rear Strut Bar
Progress Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Momo Race Steering Wheel
Advanti Ultra Light 16' Wheels
Federal 595RS-R Semi-Slicks

Vipec V44 Standalone Engine Management
Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller
Apexi RSM w/ G-Sensor
Apexi Turbo Timer
Defi BF Gauges (Boost, Water, Oil Temp & Press)
Pivot Raizin VS

Performance (Wheel)
193.7 PS @ 5,200 RPM
275 N-m @ 4,700 RPM


K.M. Snapshots said...

Swdome!!! CP piston, crower got parts for 1nzfe?? hm.. interesting... a standalone that can control vvti even better

can i share this article in my forum?

Chew Soon said...

yes bro, im also ordering a set of cp pistons and crower rods for our car. they do have parts for our 1NZ-FE.

you might also want to check out the Vipec standalone, i met up with the malaysia dealer for a short chat and i find this product very sophisticated. it is comparable to autronics.

please feel free to share this article bro :)

K.M. Snapshots said...

problem is no tuner in my country for autotronic or Vipec only kampong tuners hehe

Chew Soon said...

yeah bro, i know what you mean.

im trying to get GT Auto to tune Vipec for me, else i wouldn't want to buy it.

thing is they are pro autronic, so they are not comfortable with something new :(

end of the day, i guess the EMS used is not that important but more on the supper from the tuner.

GiUpO said...

Very good job..Congratulation!!!!

blink4blog said...

congratulations to the owner

Anonymous said...

Is this car from GT Auto? Thought they support Autronic???

Chew Soon said...

Nopes, this car is not from GT Auto.

Yes GT Auto are pro Autronic, their 8.9 second Evo drag car is using Autronic as well.

Autronic is undeniable a very good product, but I think the Vipec is even better.

That is why I'm currently trying to persuade them to give Vipec a try on my car but it won't be easy.

Anonymous said...

If it's internal upgraded, why just boosted at 1.1 bar? I think with the block guard and upgraded clutch, you can boost the motor up to 1.8 bar with no problem

Chew Soon said...

well, sometimes its not everything about horsepower my friend. we don't want to be dyno whores.

since this is a street car, the owner probably focused more on the drivability of the car.

boosting a higher bar might give us more power, but it might also make the car not that nice to drive on the street.

stalefish said...

blockguard is a cheap insurance, when you running that much of boost it's critical to ensure proper flow of coolant to the head, which in the case of blockguard it actually becomes a bottleneck.

the proper way of doing it is to sleeve it, depending on your setup it may be overkill but then again, it's all up to you how much you wanna spend and future mods plan.

also, you have to run colder spark plug, in the case of irridium it won't produce a stable spark with this much of boost, platinum is the way to go.

Brandon1984 said...

how much the guy spend for this amazing upgrade for this baby vios ?

Chew Soon said...

well, i don't have the exact figure but its easily RM 40,000 spent.

Brandon1984 said...

omg .. RM40k

is really gonna make the little vios fly all the way

Messecore said...

Bro..wanna check out with u..how is the tuning for vipec in AUTOGT?
was it good? or do u have a msn? maybe can seek advice from u..

Chew Soon said...

so far i've not seen GT Auto tuned any Vipec before but if you're interested in getting yours tuned why not drop by and talk to them?

u can reach me at contact@viosturbo.com or my MSN is changchewsoon@hotmail.com :)

Vios16 said...

hi bro, for the apexi turbo timer on your vios, can you use the auto timer or you are manually setting the time for the car to switch off ?

Chew Soon said...

hi vios16,

this car is a singaporean car and it belongs to my friend.

im sorry but im not sure how the apexi turbo timer is setup.

however, what im using currently in my car is the blitz dual timer dciv. it displays boost and also acts as a timer at the same time.

i can have the timer to be on auto mode or have it set manually as well.

Paris 1nz said...

Congratulations for the car!!!! But i have a question. why did you put a block guard?

Chew Soon said...

hi paris, this ain't my car. it belongs to a friend of mine in singapore.

the car has been sold the last i can remember.

well the block guard is basically there to stabilize the upper cylinders especially in an open deck design engine.

Julio said...

Hi, this VIOS have a 1nzfe 1500cc or 2nzfe 1300cc ???

Chew Soon said...

It's a 1NZ-FE, 1.5 litre engine.

Julio said...

the injector are blue or green ?

purimutiara said...

Hi, if you've 1nz-fe 1.5 auto transmission Vios 2008, and to increase boost up to 0.7-0.8, from your experience, what is the most efficient parts to upgrade? Now my Vios is set at 0.6 bar, produced 181 WHP, 230 NM. Worried to the OEM billet rods and the matic transmission.

Anonymous said...

Hi bro ! Really amazed of your upgrades . Must be really really fast ! I'm driving 06 fl Vios auto transmission . Can advice me what to upgrade if I wanna put turbo in ? Thanks bro !

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to do those engine mods when the tranny is auto?

JohnRMay said...

Toyota Vios It's so great!

Paul Oven said...

Bravo, so great of you. It really can make Toyota Vios more fuel efficiency? I want to do the same thing to my Vios, too.