Stage 2 Turbo Project - Haltech IQ3 Display Dash

(Update 14/05): Sneak preview of the Haltech IQ3 display dash in action can be found here.

It was Toby's birthday today and we dropped by GT Auto to celebrate his birthday by bringing him to lunch.

Half way eating through, his phone rang and right after he hung up he said to me: "Woi, your IQ3 display dash has arrived."

Once we got back to the office, I was pestering him to open up the box so that I could see it with my own eyes.

The IQ3 was developed by Racepak specifically for Haltech to be used with their range of standalone engine management systems, it replaces all your gauges with one single digital display panel and it sources all its information directly from the Haltech ECU via a simple 2 wire CAN connection.

Information such as tacho, speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, boost, battery, air intake temperature can be displayed via the IQ3.

We're also planning to wire two pressure sensors to the nitrous bottle so that it can be monitored via the IQ3 as well. It also features a low glare LCD display with programmable shift lights and warnings.

With this unit now, I will be able to keep my dashboard gauge-less and for the wiring that is needed to link this unit to the Haltech Platinum ECU is just a simple V-Net cable.

So for those of you who wants a gauge free and with zero clutter dashboard, this display dash is for you.

Don't mind the JUN rods, they aren't mine

Frontal view of the IQ3 display dash

Rear view of the IQ3 display dash

Side view of the IQ3 display dash

Sample image grabbed from the Haltech website
(Source: Haltech Website)

This is how it should look like when its done
(Source: Haltech Official Forums)


hamzah said...


Eu Jin said...

Nice digital dash there. CF plates to custom make the dash surround? :)

Chew Soon said...

thanks bro, actually was thinking of doing an easy removable mounting for convenient purposes :)

d1nzfe said...

looks bulky, y din u pose with it? so i can do a comparison of its size?

Chew Soon said...

the measurement of the dash itself is around 10cm tall and 17cm wide.

let me know if you need the detail measurement diagram, i can send it to you.

bro, since you're getting a haltech platinum yourself, you might as well get a iq3 display as well so you do need to buy anymore gaugues.

Mugil said...

nice nice...

u shud have gone for the logger dash.

shud be gettign mine end of this month when i travel to US.

d1nzfe said...

u mean not even the a/f gauge is needed?

Chew Soon said...

bro mugil, i wanted to but toby recommended the dash display since he said im only driving on the street and not taking the car down to the track. hehe, so you also getting one eh? :P

yeah dave, so the air/fuel gauge is not needed as the iq3 can display any parameters that your haltech has.

Mugil said...

i actually bought a stack ST8102SP dash display last year which also functions similar to the datalogger dash and come with predictive lap timing. But the IQ3 is a lot easier to integrate is capable of displaying more information and simpler to wire up, so sold that off and been waiting till i make my visit to the US.

Anyway, SP has other issues that needs sorting first :)